Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One size fit for All

I do not know what happen to our world nowadays and I am afraid for future generation. I think our world are never give you the protection that we deserve for it. Everyday we hear about murder, coruption, robbery, etc. we could find the solution from now before it will ruin us and our next generation. the deteorientation of morale increase from time to time to give our sleep become a nigthmare.

I prefer Islam for the best solution because I am fully confident that Islam can save us. beginning from now we need to work together to ensure Islam lead the world again. Do not care about munafikun because they are nothing for us. let them talk about Islam because we already know who are they? our duty is to be a good khalifah, so we need to consider what is the better and deny the worth.

vote for Islam

p/s: my english need to be improve.

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